The FullStack Philsophy

A full stack software engineer is one who can work on all areas of the technology and software that make up an application. This breaks down information silos and allows smaller teams to build better products more quickly. We believe this philosophy applies to analytics and data engineering. Traditionally, engineering teams have had the responsibility for designing and building the systems that collect, store, and process data, but non-technical business users ultimately perform the analysis of that data. Since engineers don't use the data, they often build systems that don’t meet the requirements of the business. Conversely, analysts end up lacking the full understanding of where the data comes from, what the data means, and lack the technical skill to retrieve and manipulate the data effectively. This process is expensive and slow. More importantly, it hampers analyses and misses opportunities for insight.

FullStack Analytics was born to bridge the gap between the business and technology organizations. We believe that to truly deliver actionable insights from data quickly and to increase the quality of decision making in an organization, the same team should be responsible for data through the full stack - from capturing to processing to insight to presentation and recommendation.

However, building a team with both technical expertise and business domain knowledge is difficult even though the need for such individuals has exploded. In a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey, 59% of respondents said that only a few analysts with specialized training can analyze data within their companies. 79% agreed that their companies’ data stores were disconnected from core business operations. Another HBR survey reported that only 19% of organizations are confident that they have leaders with the combination of business acumen and technical skill necessary to capitalize on digital opportunities and address new threats.

Technology to process and use data moves at a breakneck pace. Technologies that have become popular only in the last few years have already become obsolete or ineffective. Analytics teams lack the skills to analyze today's unstructured, unbounded, high volume, heterogenous datasets. At FullStack Analytics, we have assembled a team of those rare individuals with both the technical chops and analytical mindset to quickly add value to any online business. We have deep domain knowledge and experience working in all areas of analytics and data engineering. We cut through the buzzwords by focusing on delivering value to your business — whether that is increased website conversion, more effective marketing, or fewer arguments about which set of numbers are the right numbers.

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