We provide services that span the "full stack" of data engineering, data science, and analytics to companies of all sizes and industries. We specialize in eCommerce and technology companies based in New York City and New Jersey.


  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Customer cohort analysis
  • Click-stream and funnel analysis
  • Opportunity and scenario analysis
  • Build and implement customer liftetime (LTV/CLV) models
  • Marketing spend and bidding optimization
  • Implement product recommendation and personlization systems
  • Build complete business and financial forecasting models
  • Automate accounting reconciliations and checks

Data Engineering Services

  • Build end-to-end data pipelines including streaming data ingestion services
  • Deploy interactive low-latency query systems
  • Implement self-service business intelligence tools
  • Build custom business dashboards
  • Deploy resources to your cloud including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Openstack

We treat data quality as a first-class product and follow engineering best practices such as Continuous Integration, use Git for source control, and aggressively unit-test our code.

We focus on a small set of production-tested open-source software including Apache Hadoop HDFS, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Presto, Apache Cassandra, D3, and Looker.